Bra ‘luggage’ | Product Review

I bought a bra bag which is really like a specialized luggage for the delicates. The men may never get it, but the ladies’ delicates can cost more than a regular branded tee! These days, most bras come with the under-wire (which can be quite uncomfortable for me now, given my hypersensitive skin, anything pressed against my skin for more than a minute can result in sad ending!), so packing the bras is not always the easiest task.

See, we want to keep the hundreds of dollars of bras in good shape for as long as we possibly can – oh well, at least I think the reason is valid for most of the females, since a ‘twisted’ and out-of-shape bra can produce an undesired ‘appearance’, know what I mean?

Now, this bra bag is quite brilliant! It’s a mini luggage to provide excellent support to the bras. The bras can be stacked on one another – about 4-5 bras, depending on how ‘push-up’ is the bra – and the pockets can store around 4-6 undies (more if you have mostly lace or ‘super minis’ – get my drift?).

The ‘luggage’ is not very heavy, yet sturdy enough to provide sufficient support.

My gripe about the bra luggage is the quality. It’s probably just this set. Mine came with a torn ‘strap’, and a poorly sewn lace decoration. These are not exactly important, since they are decorative and doesn’t affect the functionality. My concern is the zipper. Mine zips fine until half way through. Maybe it will get better after seasoned use.

There are other types of bra bags that the seller sells. If you wear the ‘nudes’ pads, there are bags specially for those.

 Bought mine here:

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