Windax Vegetables Washer/Drainer/Spinner | Product Reviews

As you may already know, I am trying to get healthier, and possibly lighter, so I am making some diet shifts.

I have always loved salad, for weight management purpose or not. Now that I am getting heavier and with lowered metabolism (right, that sort of comes with age, drat it!), it’s way overdue to start looking at what I eat, considering that I spend 90% of my time sitting down crafting the orders or working in front of the computer.

Now, I am taking drastic measures – I think – with meal replacement shakes from Herbalife. (That is going to be a separate post, and you want to see that post!) I have the replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch – they are yummy! – and salad for dinner.

The husband likes my salad too, lucky me! He loves home-cooked meals, but well, let’s just say cooking is not in my resume! Well, at least he has home-made meals.

I have 3 draining bowls, but they are not fantastic if you want dryer vegetables. I hate my salad ‘wet’, so with the washing/draining bowls, I still have to manually shake the excess water off the veggies and it’s not necessarily easy after you have cut the veggies in pieces.

I saw this washer/drainer/spinner and I knew I MUST HAVE IT! It’s kind of justified, since I am making salad 6 nights in a week – Saturday is soup day.

I tried the spinner today, and I am very pleased! I cooked soup this morning, so I don’t really need to spin the cabbage dry, I did it for the sake of this review.


1. cut/tear your veggies in pieces

2. put in the drainer, rinse, drain, and pour away the water

3. rock (very important step) the veggies loose, because if the veggies are heavy like my cabbage and weighted in the center, it makes spinning very difficult

4. close the lid properly (not just close it, but to fit it well, so that the lid is ‘catching’ on the drainer)

5. spin-away!

If you look at the last photo in the photo stacks above, you see my spinner on the left; and on the right, is my mum’s mini laundry washer for the ‘delicates’. She has only used it once because it’s very troublesome to use.

I am beginning to be quite convinced that I might actually inherited the quirkiness from the ma! When I received the spinner, delivered by the courier, the ma was quite excited…

Mum: Very good arh!!
Me: Yeah, the usual draining bowl is not good enough, and I hate my salad ‘wet’
Mum: I have a big one you know, if you want to cook for many people, can use that one, electrical one!
Me: Errr.. That is a mini laundry washer!!!
Mum: Same what, no need to use hand to spin.
Me: *Facial spasm* I rest my case… and I am not cooking for MANY people, period.

Now you know, that is one of the countless quirky episodes that happens rather frequently in my household.

I bought mine here:

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