Frozen White Prawns using Blast Freeze Technology | Food Product Review

The other night, I was telling the husband that we could alternate the nuggets and chicken pieces (that we add to our salad) with prawns. I love most seafood, like fish, prawns, fish, and prawns! I especially love them roasted, baked or just barbecued.

Less than a minute after that conversation, we both received an email notification on our iPads. It was Qoo10’s newsletter and we were both looking at the same item – Frozen White Prawns!

Frozen seafood might be a fantastic idea for me in future when our own place is ready. I don’t do marketing, and I really don’t like to pick out seafood even from the supermarket. They leave me feeling ‘fishy’ the whole day. You know, I am quite a clean freak!

So, I ordered the prawns at offer price S$19.90/kg.

Product: LIVE KINGS -Frozen Raw White Shrimp (1kg)

Weight: 1 Kg of frozen prawns / approximately 34-37 prawns


Did you know? LIVE FROZEN Shrimps are fresher than “fresh shrimps”?

Normally, after buying fresh shrimp from a market or supermaket, we usually put them into household fridge for storage – in this way, the fresh shrimps are no more FRESH. Unless we cook the shrimps immediately or have a fishing tank at home to keep the live shrimps.

Whereas for LIVE FROZEN Shrimps, they are harvested “LIVE” and be frozen immediately using blast freezing technology.

Therefore, the natural goodness and freshness is preserved to ensure mouth watering dining experience and succulent texture…

Delivery: Delivered by TaQbin cool; ordered on 09 Sep; delivered on 11 Sep

[The Missy’s and Mister’s Say]

Delivery: The prawns arrived much earlier than scheduled; good thing I work from home.

Weight: I didn’t weigh in, but I read from another buyer’s review that the nett weight of the prawns is 900 grams, and gross weight with the box is 1kg. So I am guessing it’s an oversight on the seller’s part to state that it’s the gross weight. As seafood marketing goes, buyers might be quite particular with the weight.

Price: I can’t guarantee the information since it’s extracted from my mother – who can get dramatically confused with things. She said that she could get very good white prawns, fresh from the market – probably the wet/partial wet market – at S$15.00 per kg. Personally, I wasn’t too bothered with the price, since I have zero idea about the market prices. I was hoping it is a good source for buying prawns in future.

Packaging: The prawns are packed in a box, and quite sparsely arranged, which is great if you are not planning to cook all of them at once. I used a spoon to ‘crack’ and separate the prawns.

Production/Expiry date: 12 Apr 2012 / 12 April 2014; so I bought a nearly 5 months’ old frozen prawns, and I can store it until 2014; good for small family that only use a few prawns each time, or doesn’t cook frequently.

Freshness: I baked the prawns with sliced garlic and sprinkled some olive oil on. The prawns tasted quite ‘sweet’, but that is as far as we can go about commending the prawns. The Mister is very particular with freshness when it comes to seafood. I agree with him that the freshness of the prawns falls way below the advertised ‘Fresh and Juicy’. I don’t believe it’s because I baked the prawns, since it’s not over-cooked, that made the prawns a tad dry. Aside, you know the prawns are losing the freshness when the flesh is ‘tearing’ and losing the ‘springy’ texture.

Repurchase? Probably not. The fast delivery is highly commendable, but I take advertisement a tad too seriously sometimes. I do expect the prawns to be as fresh and juicy as advertised. If you are not too particular with the freshness – note that it’s not exactly not fresh, just not as fresh as we expected – this could be a good source if you are like me, dreading to carry a bag of dripping fishy bag from one place to another; worse if you have to take public transport with them!

Differentiation of opinions: The overall reviews for the prawns left by other buyers are relatively positive, so it is likely that we are just super particular with food. I can only review honestly based on my own experience, but my review might not amount to be the absolute truth for you.

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