Endless Loop of Frustration | PayPal Glitch

I had a dream. I dreamt that I was waiting for my sister to get breakfast; half an hour passed, she was not back. I was running late for my first day of class, in my Primary School uniform (It’s a Psychology class, we were asked to wear our school uniform, in tracing our primary ‘identity’). I tried to phone her on a somewhat old-fashioned cell. I punched my cell numbers that I had trouble remembering – apparently, we shared the same number, what!, it’s a dream!

When I finally got her on the phone, she yelled at me from the other end of the phone. I ended up scolding her loudly with some ABCDEFG over the phone, in public! The story went on, but I’ll spare you the details. Approaching the end of the dream, the husband appeared and bought breakfast – he was only playing an extra role.

The husband told me this morning that he had a dream. He couldn’t remember the context of the dream – which is common with most people who don’t dream as frequently, I dream every night, and usually remember the dreams quite vividly – but he is certain that he was scolding me!

I should check with my sister if she dreamt of scolding my husband! Then, the circle is complete!

Apparently, the ‘frustrating’ energies didn’t stop at the dreams. It kind of spills over to the waking moments!

You might already know that I make and sell crafts online. My morning schedule is always to process and pack orders so that the packages are ready for dispatch to the post office for mailing. Since a long time ago, I maintain only small amount of money in my PayPal business account, as I was told that it’s safer to keep the money in our own bank rather than with PayPal, since MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has limited control over PayPal. So, I withdraw money very frequently, sometimes every other day, if not everyday, whenever it exceeds S$250 – S$200 is the minimum amount for withdrawal without incurring an admin fee.

I was going to withdraw the money to my bank today. I noticed that PayPal has a revamped login page. Once logged in, I was brought to the transaction summary page – as usual; then, I selected ‘withdraw’ link, instead of landing on the usual page with bank details and amount to withdraw, I was brought to a sort-a guide page. I imagine that the information is only useful for non-PayPal users, or new accounts; I am quite a veteran PayPal user already.

Anyway, I thought it’s just the new structure thing. I went around to see where to return the same page, but to no avail. So, I was forced to read the information, and selected ‘Manage’ -> ‘Payment Methods’. I was then brought to another knowledge base page about the different payment methods offered by PayPal, and found the ‘withdraw money’ link. On clicking, I was brought back to same first guide!!!

Right, so wherever I click and move, I am trapped in the endless loop of frustration. The final step is to look for the ‘contact us’ link. Then, the next frustration surfaced! There is a ‘topic’ and ‘sub topic’, none points to my specific problem in withdrawing fund; and there is no ‘others’ option too. I selected the closest topic – which is not even remotely close to the problem I am facing – and sent the form anyway.

So, maybe they left out the logged in users structure completely when revamping the website. What do I know! If you use PayPal, are you having a similar problem?


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