Breakfast of Nostalgia | Sandwich that Mum Used to Make

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When we were in Primary School, mum used to make pork filling sandwich for my sister and I, as breakfast. It was one my favorite breakfasts, but we weren’t allowed to have it regularly. ‘Very heaty’, mum warned. True enough, we were susceptible to sore throat when we had too much fried, roasted, and toasted food.

We had a double sandwich plate type; I bought the single sandwich maker after we tossed the old one. We don’t really use it regularly, and it’s really for the sake of space-saving.

Mum bought some pork floss and chicken floss – the husband and I are not fans of pork, so mum bought the chicken floss for us – during a promotion. I decided to make the sandwich for breakfast.

Equipment / Ingredients:

1. Philips Sandwich Maker

2. Wholemeal bread – if possible, get the rectangular shaped bread, so that it fits nicely to the edge of the plate

3. Chicken floss – get the soft type as the crunchy one (that I used to make this sandwich) tend to fall over the places, and the soft one tastes better with bread

4. Olive oil spread (optional)


1. Open the sandwich maker, clean the plate

2. Lay one slice of the bread on the plate
NOTE: If you are using a square-shaped bread like I did, make sure you lay the bread close to one of the corners, and close to edge, that will ensure that at least 2 of the edges of your sandwich is ‘pressed’ together. If you place the bread in the center, it is likely that your filling will fall as the only part that is pressed together is the center line (it’s really to create a cut).

3. (Optional) Spread olive oil spread

4. Distribute the chicken floss on the bread evenly

5. Lay another slice on top

6. Carefully close the cover – be sure that the top slice of the bread stays intact

7. Wait for the light to go off

8. Open and check if the sandwich is browned to your liking; close it for a little longer if you want your sandwich more toasted

There you go, the sandwich’s done!

As usual, be creative, use ham, cheese, tomato, fried egg etc!



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