HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35 | Product Review

I was in the doctor’s office yesterday while he used a magnifying glass to go through the ingredients on the tube of Philosophy, Hope Oil Free SPF30. That is one of the products that I know for sure triggered a crazy allergic reaction.

I will be doing patch test on Monday and a light test on Wednesday. Hopefully I will have a better idea of the exact ingredients to avoid in skin care products.

In the past, the only accurate test I took for sunscreen was the grueling and sometimes painful way – apply on skin and see how it react!

I am out of my ‘safe’ sunscreen – RMK Protector SPF45, and since my skin seems to agree better with Korean skin care products, I decide to take a dive into trying out the HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35. HERA is under the umbrella of the company, Amore Pacific. It represents the higher end skin care products such as Laneige, and Sulwashoo, and the more affordable yet super popular brands such as Etude House and Innisfree.

Personally, I wouldn’t classify HERA as high-end category, but more of a mid-high end. The price range for this line is considerably affordable as compared to Sulwashoo or well-known over-the-counter brands in the malls.

I read that HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35 bags a whopping 9 rewards in its name. My main concerns are that the sunscreen must not leave a white cast; must not be greasy; must not be sticky. Sure, my primary concern should really be that it should not trigger my allergic reaction that can potentially make me look like a ballooned lobster!

The Product:

HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35 (PA++) is Dermatologist tested, and a triple-functioning sunblock cream. It protects the skin from UV rays (UVA and UVB) that are constant in daily life, and completely safeguards the skin from harmful elements confronted during indoor and outdoor activities with a formula applied with Dermo-network Preotection.

It is a sunblock cream intended for daily use, adopted a high polymer emulsification system developed indigenously by HERA for a refreshing and smooth adherence to the skin. It also functions as a make-up base, making the busy morning more relaxing.

Dermo-network Protection™ System

Skin possesses its own defense system to address skin damaged by attacks from free radicals caused by various kinds of daily stress, including UV rays, and diverse harmful elements in the environment. The Dermo-network Protection system not only increases the activities of catalase, which neutralizes free radicals, to boost the skin’s own defensive ability but also protects ten skin from heat damage and harmful ozone. An optimal combination of vitamin E, rhodiola extract and helioxine boosts the skin’s fundamental defensive capacity.

Further innovation of cell science, ABcell™

ABcell™, a product of further advanced cell science by HERA, surrounds skin substances just like a cell membrane does and stabilizes them in a state closest to actual skin. ABcell™ delivers skin substances in an active state into the skin deeply and quickly and realizes the full beauty of the skin from deep inside through its excellent efficacy.

ABcell™ and ABcell LX™ the key ingredients of HERA skincare, are the innovative skin cell mimetic ingredient. The technique for making them were co-developed by AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center and Professor David Weitz fo the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and are made by employing a process claimed by patent application filed by Harvard University.

My experience:

Scent: Like most Korean brands, this sunblock has a perfumed scent. It reminded me of the times when I was a child, when my pretty aunts smeared the prestigious French skincare on their skin, and they smelt great (at least to small girl who was eager to grow up!).

Oddly, when I tested the product on my arm, the scent was overpowering; but when applied on the face, the scent was bearable and it went away reasonably quickly – it is possible that the brain has gotten used to the scent since it is so close to the nose. But be warned if you are those who are bothered with perfumed products.

Texture: Creamy consistency, unlike most sunblock that felt either too watery or sticky, this sunblock has a comforting creamy texture which spreads well on the face. I guess it has to be since it also doubles as a make-up base. The pink tint of the cream dries clear.

After-application feel: Depending on your skin type and the climate you are in. In Singapore, it’s forever warm and humid, and I have combination skin type. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes for the cream to be absorbed fully, leaving neither an oily nor sticky after-touch. It also dries clear with no ghostly white cast.

I have to believe that the product responds very different on arm and face. When tested on arm, it felt sticky even after a long while; while it absorbed better on face. Perhaps the skin on face is more porous?

The make-up base: I was out to the doctor’s yesterday. Beneath the Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream was Secret Key snail + EGF repairing toner, followed by Secret Key snail + EGF repairing cream, followed by the HERA sun mate daily SPF35. I didn’t notice any difference immediately, but when I was in the ladies room at the Skin Center, I noticed that my skin looked smoother and even-toned. I am impressed!

I have used the sunblock for a few days now, and my skin seems to like the cream, so that’s great news for me!

I ordered mine from this seller whom I have great shopping experiences with:

  • [AMORE PACIFIC][HERA] Sun Mate Daily SPF35 70ml
  • S$36.50

I paid S$32.50 (after offsetting with coupons), inclusive of shipping.

I will post the reviews on the Secret Key snail + EGF repairing toner and cream soon.



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