Make Your Own Tasty Fruit Salad


I am not sure if this bugs you, but like everything that is odd about me, I have this weird eating habit too. I usually eat according to the digestive rate of the food; say, I eat vegetables first, followed by starchy produce like potatoes or rice, then meat last. I don’t have a strong digestive system, and I find this eating sequence helps.

For meals, I would love calculated meals too. Sure, I am not spontaneous type, ah well, some days when I am out-of-whack, I do react more spontaneously.

I have a tight work timetable now, and I get really stressed out when I don’t keep my schedule. Today, I was mopping floor, so that would take up more of my day time. I don’t want to make the vegetable salad, since I have planned to have baked chicken sticks to go with today’s salad – which takes longer to prepare. So, that goes to the dinner.

For lunch, I fixed myself a quickie salad – refreshing fruit salad. I am trying to eat more apples now, but the skin of the apple is causing my gastric reflux to act up, so I peeled the skin.


1. Apples – peeled and diced

2. Blueberries

3. Cherry tomatoes

4. Walnuts

5. Sunflower seeds

6. Small amount of orange juice*

* You may also squeeze a lime/lemon over the salad, in place of the orange juice.

Basically, wash (not the walnut and seeds) and cut (if applicable) all ingredients, and place everything in the bowl, and add a dash of juice (of your choice). You want to have the juice if you are having seeds and nuts with your salad, otherwise, it may be a little dry. In addition, if you choose a sour based fruit juice, it adds interestingness to your salad.

Be creative, replace apples with watermelon, honeydew, or any other fruits that you like. If you like, you may also use low-fat yoghurt in place of the juice, really, fruit salad is possibly the easiest and most versatile salad.

Now, if you may pardon me, I need to get back to work.

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