Leaders InSolution Masks | Product Review

So I read many rave reviews about Leaders InSolution sheet masks, and I have to try these good stuffs.

The fact is that, after my unfortunate adverse skin reaction towards the Crystal Collagen Mask, I skipped right into the panic spiral of finding remedy!

I found some forgotten Etude House aloe mask in the fridge, and smack it on the sorry face in hope to soothe the angry reaction. It indeed helped to calm the face for a bit. That sets the beginning of better masks hunting, and I found Leaders InSolution with rave reviews. The rest is history.

I have tried many sheet masks (Korean or European), and my main gripe is about the dripping essence which makes me very uncomfortable. Unlike those masks, LS mask is soaked in glue-like consistency essence. If you look at the last 2 photos, the mask sticks to the skin like your second skin. The mask is soaked in very generous amount of essence, yet it’s non-dripping. It means to say that the essence stays where it should on the mask, rather than draining down to the chin like other masks do. That often leave your forehead and upper part of your cheeks dryer, at least that’s what I noticed.

[Tested – Mela-Tox Mask]

** Benefits **

+ Enhanced skin with whitening effect + Radiant and youthful skin

Treats tired skin due to external harmful environment and stress; strengthens intensive whitening; moisturizing, and healthier skin.

I ordered here:

  • [Leaders Clinie]★Japan No.1 Seller★LEADERS Clinic Insolution Masks★ Shipping cost is just S$1 every 22qty★
  • S$0.83

I tried the Mela-tox last night, but I did more than just cleansing in prior to using the mask.

I used my Clarisonic mia together with MD Formulations non-foaming cleanser to clean my face. Then, tone it with Botanics Brightening toner (which I bought from Boots in Chiang Mai, will be replacing the toner with Secret Key Snail toner, when it arrives in the mail order and when the current toner runs out).

I have very ‘delicate’ lip that needs to be moisturized at all times. I applied Carmex lip balm (which I bought 6 jars in Perth, and stored them in the fridge) on the lips before putting on the mask.

Left the mask for 20 minutes and removed it. I am surprise to see that even the forehead is still left with the ‘gel’ like essence after removing it. It is advised to pat the remaining essence into the face to fully benefit from the mask. It will take quite a while to get your skin to absorb all the essence due to the thick consistency, so I used the kitchen towel to just dab off some of it and pat the rest into skin. The final step is to put on the eye cream.

I put on the mask with the air-conditioner turned on, and it took a good few minutes for the essence to be fully absorbed.

I woke up this morning noticing my skin brighter and softer.

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