SkinFood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer #1 & #2 | Product Review

This is long overdue review. I ordered this concealer in early February, but I am going to use the lousy excuse that I have been too busy. Not a great reason, but I will try to justify it; being busy, my thoughts, time, and focus can be very scattered because I am all over the place. The only focus I have is for work. See, work is a commitment and responsibility. Everything else that no one is paying me to do, just slips to secondary priority.

The first jar of concealer I bought was #2 – which I posted the review with photos showing under-eye application – that is a tad too dark for my NC15 skin tone. I ordered #1 instead.

I ordered from:

  • [SKIN FOOD] ★Skin Food★ Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream/ powder/eye cream/eye serum
  • S$9.90

The concealer, as reviewed previously, is suitable for dark circle coverage, but not for skin imperfections coverage. The texture is creamy and even a bit greasy.

The good thing about the ‘greasy’ texture is that it doesn’t highlight the fine lines when you smile; other concealers are usually thick in consistency and can sometimes cake up the eye area and present a prominent presence of wrinkles.

The downside is that you will need a really good smudge-proof eye liner to keep the drawn eyes intact. I recommend Too Faced eye liner, really good!

I find that this concealer goes best with BB cream for the nude and minimal look. Not for you if you want full coverage for skin imperfections.

The common complaint about products packed in jars is probably the hygiene aspect. I use spatula to scoop out the contents for all jar packed products. For skin care products, try to use stainless metal spatula/spoon and always keep the spatula clean after each application (I sometimes use the underside of the toner-dipped cotton pad – after toning the face – to clean off the spatula).



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