Dinner Treat from Mum

The treat happened last month, I shared on facebook and forgot about it.

So, mum received a small windfall from 4-D winnings. She tried to tuck me some money – wealth sharing with loved ones, an informal Chinese custom, I guess – and I refused. It made completely no sense to me that she gave me some money and at the end of the month, I would give her monthly allowance that is more than what she gave me. It feels more like a ‘discounted allowance’. She should just keep, or spend (more likely the latter, it’s not an obscene amount of money, if that’s what you’ve guessed) it anyway she wants.

Of course, that was when I took the shot at approaching her to donate some of her winnings. 😛 See, charity does not come naturally to the elderly, especially when they have stopped generating income and are financially dependent on their children. Charity, to most older people, even to the younger generation, means a ‘privileged gesture’ to be made by the affluent. I beg to differ. Charity, may not necessarily involve a huge sum of money, it derives from the desire to give, no matter how small the amount or effort that may seemed to the judging bystanders. By desiring to give, we are wanting to put a foot forward to shaping a better world, the same one that we, our loved ones, and our children live on.

Mum was convinced – I gave some crap load of theories that must have made some good senses – and I helped donate some money to World Vision. 😀

Unsatisfied with the failure to stuff the money to me, she bought a bunch of food back instead.

Mum loves crabs. She cooked steamed crabs (many of them!) and served as breakfast (and you think I am quirky by choice?)!

So, she bought crabs that cost $40-ish per crab, fried rice, deep-fried buns to dip into the gravy of the chili crabs.

I am not going to lie, I love good crabs too, but I don’t love them enough to eat with hands. I am extremely uncomfortable with eating with hands. (Thank goodness to whoever invented wet tissues!) Eating crabs or giant shelled prawns involves mixed feelings of extreme discomfort and very satisfied palate. I almost don’t eat crabs, durian, and shelled prawns when dined outside. There is an unexplained anxiety about the prolonged lingering of the after-smell on the fingers that throw the entire appetite out of the window.

I have been very blessed though, that the husband always offered to de-shell the prawns for me. I would never ask him to do that. Personally, food has lesser impact on my decision-making, when placed side by side with my anxiety issues. 😛 I don’t have to eat what makes me uncomfortable; I am happy to accept the husband’s endearing gesture though.

Back to the dinner. I prefer the salted egg crabs, I believe the dish was prepared by deep-frying the crab in prior to stir frying with salted eggs. I have always loved salted eggs, it goes perfectly well with the crab. I vote for this dish over the famous chili crab because this dish is dryer. I don’t feel comfortable with slippery texture and the dripping gravy.

That said, I enjoy the gravy (when ate without the hands touching it!) taken with the fried bun. I would choose Gardenia wholemeal bread slices over the fried bun, just so you know. I take wholemeal bread with curry too.

The meal was great! I found the fried rice acceptably tasty, but paled in comparison when served with other delicacies like crabs. 😛


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