Royal Wax Seal – at least I would like to think so

Private and Confidential? Mission Possible that is.

Wax seal almost signifies a hint of mystery and confidentiality. Like a lock, it seals something precious and important. The time and effort spent to melt the wax and seal the contents, seem sincere. I say, it’s an upgrade to royalty treatment!

Oh yeah, I bought the wax seal set. What? It surprises you? It should not.

obsessed with austen

Well, I have nearly the full collection of Jane Austen’s books, I watched Downton Abby, bought the DVD of Pride and Prejudice, love all things Victorian’s times; we planned our travel itinerary around the MUST visit Werribee Mansion which was built during the Victorian’s era, I consider Hearst Castle among the favorite places on the first visit to the United States – more than a decade ago – which included the famous theme parks and all; I want to visit UK and spend days in Museums. Do I need to go on further on my obsession with old school – very very old, that is – stuffs?

The husband knows me well. He spotted the promotion on the wax seal, possibly the same time I spotted the same promotion on my iPad, and sent me the link via Facebook chat. It is true, I don’t need it, but it is undeniable that I want it. The husband offered to pay for the set.

C for Chaong

So, I have gotten the Set B, which includes 2 stamp heads, a spoon, 3 wax sticks, 2 teacup candles.

I chose ‘C’ as one of the stamp heads. C for Chaong, which makes sense, in the olden times, people use their family names, or perhaps the initials of their first and last names, but since I am offered only the ready-made stamp with a single alphabet, I went for C. This would be so cute on gifts!

Double Happiness Wax Seal

Another in the set is the Chinese symbol – Double Happiness. I can use this on wedding orders, or wedding gifts to friends. Many westerners are well aware of the symbol now, otherwise, I would be so happy to explain to them anyway. It’s like exchanging a tad bit of the culture, which I am not always familiar with. I am Singaporean Chinese, and my first language is English, in case you wonder, I have nearly no recollection of the lives of our forefathers who came from China. That said, it doesn’t mean that Chinese culture doesn’t excite me. Let me put this plainly, History channel is one of my MUST have channels on the cable subscription.

S for saplanet originals

Then, I decide to order the ‘add-on’ purchase, ‘S’ for saplanet originals. This is really on Belinda, she and my other good friend, Cyn, are among the nicest people I have known, but oddly, they have this knack of inspiring me to spend more than I planned – aka depleting my dry well of money.

Many things are unnecessary, but since I have this ‘talent’ for details, I always believe that the small things make a difference.

In today’s frenzy pace, no one seems to have time to take the extra mile. The extra time and effort gives a delicate yet intricate touch to the gifting gesture, yes?

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