Recipe for Post-Master Cleanse Vegetable Soup

I have crossed the finishing of the 10-day Master Cleanse lemonade program – see the step-by-step guide to prepare the lemonade too! It almost felt liberating, as though I tore that banner at the finishing line with roaring audiences cheering on for my ‘victory’! Ah well, you know, that all happened in the head, I don’t exactly enjoy running, just saying.

Many people who have done the Master Cleanse have stated that the first few days were the hardest. Now that I have been there, done that, I have to say that Day 8, 9 and 10 have been the hardest for me, as compared to any other days. Perhaps it is true about mind over body! My mind was racing ahead of time and thinking of the soup since the mini-marathon of liquid diet was ending. With that thought stuck in the head, and my brain has the strangest – possibly short-circuited – mechanism to replay thoughts and events like a broken record, I experienced many episodes of hunger pangs during the last few days of the program.

So, here I am, woke up to a beautiful Sunday, and in the chirpiest mood ever! (Ok, maybe not ‘ever’, but at least for the past 10 days)

I woke at 7:20AM, and started to prepare the vegetable soup. I know, I am not supposed to eat solid food today, but I REALLY WANT to make sure my teeth have not gone rusty in chewing! 😛

4 small potatoes – chopped in small chunks (granola washed – not that I know what it means)
2 tomatoes – chopped (cut down to 1, if you prefer the soup to be less sour)
1/2 cabbage – chopped (optional, but cabbage adds sweetness to the soup)
4 fresh mushroom – sliced
some golden mushroom – roots removed
1 medium onion – chopped
3 stalks of celery – chopped
2 medium carrots –  chopped
4 long beans – chopped in short sections
Olive oil

For broth
Mushroom concentrated stock (alternative: vegetable bouillon cubes)
(Go for no MSG, less salt, no trans-fat vegetarian ones)

Fill the pot with water, turn on high heat

Add mushroom concentrated stock (or bouillon cube) – I didn’t count how many tablespoons I added, I added to taste, making sure that it’s not too salty as the vegetables will add more tastes to the soup later. Further, you may sprinkle some sea salt (left over from the Master Cleanse program) later if you find your soup too bland.

stir, bring to boil, then turn off the heat

Using a separate pot, add some olive oil, turn on medium heat

Add chopped onions

Celery and carrots

Cook for around 5 minutes, stir to make sure no browning occurs

I have my flip clock brought to the kitchen to keep track of time. We have a cute rooster timer, but it doesn’t really work.

Fragrantly cooked

Add stock to pot, turn to high heat

Add potatoes, mushroom, golden mushroom, long bean

Bring to boil

Add cabbage

Turn heat to simmer, leave the pot half-covered, and leave to cook for 10-15 minutes

Add tomatoes, continue to cook in low-medium heat for another 10-15 minutes (or until the potatoes are tender, check by scooping the potato and use a spoon to cut through)


I didn’t add other seasoning, it tastes refreshingly tasty.

+ Binary Blonde – I found her blog and followed her recipe (with some modifications made as I couldn’t find organic bouillon cubes, and added other vegetables in place of kidney beans)

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